We are here to cater to YOU.  To immerse you in our oasis in the city and  give you a remarkable experience that leaves you feeling light, easy, and rejuvenated. We use professional grade massage tables in our locations.

We offer sensual bodywork for entertainment purposes.  We are NOT A FULL SERVICE.


Delight yourself with an erotic body rub in Hollywood, FL. We have a variety of Melanin Toyz at your service. Order a therapy session to relax your body and escape from everyday life. 

A Nuru Body Rub is a combination of exotic body rub techniques and relaxation for the muscles. Professional Melanin Toyz models will work hard to make your session memorable and beneficial to your well-being.



The most exclusive Body Rub in all of Florida. A sensual delight to start or end your day; or even to complete a busy week. 

At Melanin Toyz, we specialize in erotic rubs in the perfect relaxed setting. With a body rub, experience a relaxing, slow and sensual rubdown from one or two of our Melanin Toyz. Privacy and satisfaction guaranteed. 


With a mix of hands from our beautiful Melanin Toyz models, enjoy the sensual touch of our professionals. No day is the same and for those days that you feel  the stress throughout your body, choose to release it with a session specifically designed for just that.